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Empowering engineering heroes by giving them the tools to help them reach their potential.  Quanser lets students see and feel how the mathematics flow out from the theory and into the physical world.
Let us delivery your lab experiments and courseware within Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation. From high quality hardware experiments to virtual reality lab and digital lab solutions.

Motion Capture

We serve the industry with Motion Capture technology from OptiTrack. Industrial, medical, educational, research, gaming, film, VR, robotics, production… If you have need for digital tracking with requirements to fulfill your objective we can propose a complete solution.

Come and explore our solutions in our MOCAP Studio to find out more.


We have more than 450 high quality lab experiment products targeting the engineering education in power, utilities, renewable energy, aerospace, construction, mechanics, civil and automotive industries.

UltraSound Simulation

Market-leading, simulation products and AI software (soon to come) that provides training for medical practitioners in several different, clinical departments. We have Ultrasound simulators for POCUS, TEE/TTE, Obstetrics and gynaecology.

COBOT Robot arms
Kinova Robotics

Cobot and robots to accelerate research with open architecture, easy to use, lightweight and safe work. Kinova robots are the ideal choice for your research work, -available in different DOF-configurations and with your preferred gripper.

Haptics devices

DevinSense has been involved with Haptics and medical robotics simulation since the early days when SensAble brought the first “off-the-Shelf” haptics device to the market. Representing 3DSystems on the Nordic market we can recommend the ideal one for your work and your specific application usage.

We also sell and deliver Freeform CAD on the Nordic market.

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