Motion Capture Solutions
Wherever there’s a reason to digitally record movements and action there is a possible use of OptiTrack MOCAP technology. With the best price/performance on the market and MOCAP-solution ranging from low-to high end there are endelss possibilities to start with MOCAP. We serve the following domains with extended support by our MOCAP-partner OptiTrack:
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    Mocap Software
    Our MOCAP solution comes with OptiTRack Motive:Body for full skeleton solver support or OptiTRack Motive:Tracker.

    Camera SDK

    Full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera synchronization and comprehensive vector tracking. A complete assortment of tools for building applications.


    NatNet SDK

    Integrate OptiTrack motion tracking data into new and exiting applications, including custom plugins to third-party applications and engines for real-time streaming.


    MotionBuilder Plugin

    Real-time client plgin for MotionBuilder -a collection of MotionBuilder devices, scripts and sample -which streams maarkers, rigid bodies and skeletons from Motive.


    Maya Plugin

    The insight VCS Maya plugin is designed for live virtual camera work directly within Maya providing real-time camera position, orientation and virtual camera control


    Unreal Plugin

    Drag and drop wide area VR experience creation in Unreal. Includes aupport for HMD that supports OptiTrack positional tracking and drift correctio.


    Unity Plugin

    Drag-and-drop wid-area VR experience creation in Unity. Includes real-time interface for streaming rigid body data. Compatible with both the free and Pro version of Unity.

    Come to our Demo MOCAP STUDIO in Stockholm


    We have a fully equipped MOCAP-studio in Stockholm. Come try it out and explore the possibilities with OptiTrack motion Capture technology. We have a set of Prime17W cameras, both active and passive tracking connectied with Virtual Worlds.


    6xPrime17W cameras

    Active and passive tracking

    HTC, Occulus

    Tracked HMD to explore the possibilities within VR

    3D Scanning possibilities

    Possilitity to explore 3D Artec Scanning