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The QArm consists of 4 joints in a roll-pitch-pitch-roll configuration, allowing for a large reachable workspace. The two-stage 5-contact gripper allows you to interact with objects of various shapes while gauging grip strength via current sense. The gripper can be augmented and customized with additional sensors and actuators via the interfacing board. The position of the RGBD camera enables you to perform inspection and visual servoing tasks. With these features, the arm is ideally suited to adapt and learn from unknown environments. Two interface options allow for QArm's control and access from a computer via USB (using a QFLEX 2 USB interface panel), or microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi (using a QFLEX 2 Embedded interface panel).

Omni Bundle

The Geomagic Touch haptic device is a robot with six revolute joints, three of which are actuated. The three non-actuated joints are the wrist joints. The three motors can actuate the end-effector - the tip of the stylus - to span the entire X, Y, Z region in its workspace. Position measurement along X, Y, and Z is done using digital encoders while measurement of rotations about these axes (roll, pitch and yaw) is done using potentiometers.