Questions and Answers

Here we have collected a number of frequently asked questions that can help facilitate your work in doing business with DevinSense.

What is the price for the products

There are several options available to get a price offer from DevinSense.

-simply email us with a quote request at

-check out the product at our shop and “ask for a quote” if price is not present.

-fill out any of the forms on our “Quote Request”, here you will have the option to provide more information to give us the possibility to really nail down on the specs to really optimize pricing for you.

How do I place an order?

For placing an order simply use our web shop interface or place your formal order via email to Always refer to our Quote number when sending you purchase order via email.

How do you ship products?

All our orders are shipped via UPS shipper according to IncoTerms2010DAP.

Once we get the order we will start order processing. An order confirmation is sent out and if we dont have the products for immediate delivery you will get a delivery date proposal.

Is VAT/MOMS/MVA or any taxes included in pricing?

We always quote excluding VATor any other costs that could arise from import and import fees.

Payment Information

For Swedish customer payment via BANKGIRO: 145-3414

For Nordic/International customer payment via IBAN/SWIFT
IBAN: SE0850000000052871041865
Account number: 52871041865 account holder DevinSense AB
Bank name and address: SEB, Kistagången 21, 106 40 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Please notice we also upport Electronical Invoicing with regards to the PEPPOL standard for Governmental and Regional invoicing.

What is included in the pricing?

Product and service as described for the specific product and/or service is included in pricing. If not specified; -shipping cost, installation, support, extended support, warranty and/or extended warranty is not included in the pricing.

What about Environmental Responsibility for DevinSense?

We are following the producer responsibility of the WEEE-directive and are reporting to the Swedish Agency Naturvårdsverket on a yearly basis. As a “producer” where we put products on the market we have the responsibility to take back any product for waste disposal. For any questions related to the WEE-directive or for return of any products please contact,